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Our Journey

Empowering Dreams Through Digital Solutions Since 2016

We at 7 Pillars, with our main office based in Australia, are one of the top mobile app development companies that promises to turn your dream app into a reality with our team of experts.

7 Pillars is a tech startup established in 2016 by three passionate technocrats with a vision to empower individuals and businesses with innovative and user-centric solutions.

7 Pillars, a mobile app development company in Australia, has successfully created waves in the app development industry since the day of its establishment by delivering everything a client desired by following a regime of researched assistance in business strategies and application design.

As of today, our company offers premium solutions to businesses with a desire to expand into the digital world, coupling them with the latest technology like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and React Native. Currently, 7 Pillars is the best mobile app development company in Australia to create an app of your dreams.

Our Process

Perfection is our benchmark, and we tirelessly pursue it in every aspect of our work.

7 Pillars, a mobile app development company in Australia, is the centre formed with technocrats and perfectionists with the goal of not only building the dream app for businesses but efficiently dealing with the complex procedures involved in the app development process.

Our team at 7 Pillars, a top mobile app development company in Australia, strives for perfection and doesn't accept anything short of perfection; thus, our team spends their time reducing the technological complexities involved in app development into building user-centric design to make it easy for end-users to understand and use.

Our team of developers at 7 Pillars, a mobile app development company, isn't keen on constructing apps filled with fancy features that don't have any practical use, as we know that at the end of the day, end-users aren't attracted to these apps.

Based on years of experience, we promise to work closely with you to build a simple yet elegant app while keeping your desires in mind that would be an instant success in the market with users. The thing that makes us different from others is our focus on building an app that users will like.

Step - I

Requirement Gathering

Here at 7 Pillars, a mobile app development company in Australia, we are a curious bunch who like to discuss your ideas and desires for your dream app intensively before picking the concept that will work best for you. We are all ears throughout the discussion to grasp all your requirements and expectations so we can match them and build an app that goes with the current trend.

Step - II

Contract Closure

Before starting the mobile app development process, we like to document every minute detail before forming a final contract that details our understanding of your requirements to build the app, its features, and its functions. After drafting the contract, we present it to you and wait for your approval to start building your dream app.

Step - III

Wireframing & Design

In order to help you better understand the navigation process of the app, we start by building a prototype of the same, which works similarly to a blueprint, thus giving you an idea of how your app would look and work. We wait for your nod of approval before our team of passionate designers at 7 Pillars, a mobile app development company in Australia, go forward to figure out the best strategy to build your app to have seamless navigation in the app portal.

Step - IV


At 7 Pillars, a mobile app development company in Australia, our approach involves the implementation of agile methodologies to facilitate mobile app development, thus ensuring you get a brilliant yet extraordinary end product. Our onboard developers utilize top-notch logic and technologies to reinforce your app concept. Our team segments each step of app development to test each part of the process.

Step - V


Well, after the completion of the development process and your final nod of approval, we begin with the implementation of the final product. Our team at 7 Pillars, a mobile app development company, start by deploying the end app to the respective stores while following the guidelines set by the stores to avoid rejections.

Step - VI

Support & Maintenance

Well, once the developed app is on the floor, it starts a new journey of constant tracking and updating from our team of experts to maintain the app's and company's image in the market. Throughout the app development, at 7 Pillars, a mobile app development company in Australia, uses end-to-end processes to maintain your privacy.

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