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The Flutter App Development Company Assists In Developing Applications For Various Displays

If you take a moment to analyse the app development market, you will realize that iOS and Android are pretty much in demand due to their large user base, diverse ecosystems and revenue potential.

Recently, creating waves in the market is another brilliant technology known as Flutter due to its ability to create exquisite, high-performing, and flawless mobile apps. 7 Pillars, a brilliant flutter mobile app development company, is your one-stop haven to build the apps of your dreams and open a plethora of opportunities for your brand.

Flutter isn't just another technology in app development, but an efficient approach to app development as it natively builds cross-platform applications with a single codebase for apps to work seamlessly on the web, Android, or iPhone. The framework uses easily reusable user interface components tailored according to your needs by highlighting the front end by being designed in the Dart programming language.
Introduction To

What exactly is Flutter? To answer this, let's start with the beginning of Flutter. The brilliant technology was launched initially by Google in 2017, to deal with the plethora of difficulties app developers faced in the app development industry, including cross-platform development and personalize UI.

The technology's application framework expanded significantly in a short span with yearly upgrades and modifications to provide captivating, unique, and natively developed apps that facilitate platform development for mobile, PC, and cloud. The best part about Flutter is that it ensures easy building UIs that respond fluently with its sturdy graphics and animation libraries.

Flutter Design
But how do you start incorporating
this framework in your work?

Well, trust 7 Pillars, a brilliant Flutter app development company for your projects, as our technocrats are highly experienced in creating apps for multiple platforms using Flutter. Our technocrats will help you reach a wider audience with our developmental skills using Flutter to build an app that will seamlessly work on any platform. Our Flutter app development company has previously helped several brands achieve their dream app that works seamlessly on all platforms made from a single codebase.

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The Flutter technology comes with an abundance of benefits and 7 Pillars, the best Flutter mobile app development company in Australia, helps you achieve the same. Let's have a look at the benefits of this technology together –


Reduced Time For App Development

A layout feature change on a medium-sized Android application takes up to 40 seconds to complete, but thanks to the integrated hot reload function in the technology, your changes take effect immediately. Using Flutter for app development significantly reduces the time required to develop an app.

Accelerated Time To Market

The time required to build an app for different platforms requires a significant amount of time as each platform requires a specific codebase, team and framework, but with Flutter, the same can be done with half of the workforce. As Flutter doesn't require particular code, therefore a Flutter app development company can employ just half of the workforce to use it.

Similar Framework

Similar Framework To Native App Development

If you are planning to build an app, the foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is that the target users demand the creation of apps that keep user experience on priority for it to be successful. Therefore, Flutter proves to be a helpful tool for app creation with its brilliant animations, and graphics that keep the users engaged and help in bug removal to produce amazing UI animations.
Speedy App

Speedy App Growth

By using a lot of widgets in your development process,you can expedite both development and expansion. Additionally, Flutter lets you create fluid applications that are ideal if your goal is to take a market share. The target users find this user-friendly experience very appealing, and it motivates them to tell others about your product, which expands the product's market reach amongst the users.

Minimalist Design Feature

If you desire to use custom widgets in your desired application, then Flutter can create new ones for you. These freshly designed widgets can be used stand-alone or effortlessly integrated with other widgets. It is an essential step in producing some of the brilliant user-friendly app designs. For further information on Flutter, contact our team at 7 Pillars, a Flutter app development company.
Types Of Business That
Prefers Using Flutter

If you are someone looking to build an app for your brand and think Flutter is the best choice, then you might need to think again, as some other technology might be a better fit for your project. Even though Flutter may be a promising framework for some projects, another framework might be a better fit for your project, but can a Flutter app development company help you to make the most of the brilliant framework? Let's have a look at the businesses that benefit from Flutter technology together -



Flutter is known for its convenient nature, and that is beneficial for start-ups planning to pan out. Flutter is an easy-to-use framework that allows app developers to develop applications for different platforms with a single codebase.
This framework is the best practical choice for start-ups, as its mechanism has an excellent collection of top-notch tools and libraries required to create high-quality applications. The cherry on top? If you are a start-up looking into app development, then 7 Pillars, the best flutter app development company in Australia, will help you make the most out of the framework.

Business Working On MVPs

Don't know what MVPs are and how they benefit your brand? A product with basic functionality that gives a notion of the potential level of success is called a Minimum Viable Product [MVP]. Since Flutter is a quick and easy framework to use, it's a fantastic alternative provided by a top-notch Flutter app development company for creating MVPs.

Business With Limited Resources

Are you a business on a tight budget and limited resources, then rest assured, with its ability to save your time and money due to needing only a single codebase to build apps for different platforms Flutter has you covered. Moreover, the right strategies fabricated by a top flutter app development company might be the icing on the cake for your business to expand.


Other Well-established Business

Even if you have a well-established business, there is always room for improvement, and Flutter is a technology that will help you do wonders for your brand. Therefore, any businesses looking forward to developing their cross-platform user base should choose the Flutter framework. Undoubtedly, a fantastic flutter app development company will assist in realising your idea!
7 Pillars Your-One
Stop Haven To Success

If you have made it this far into the page, then it's evident that you are looking into building your dream app using the Flutter framework to gain an advantage over your rivals. You might be delirious with anticipation for the next move you need to make your company known among the target audience. What are you waiting for? It's time to hire 7 Pillars, a flutter app development company in Australia, to fulfil your dream of building an app that will be a market hit. Our technocrats work to turn your dream app into a working product! And guess what? We are the ideal match for you to turn your vision into a reality.


Market Experience

The market experience plays a pivotal role in helping a brand choose a flutter app development company that will understand its vision and goals. The flutter app development company needs to be aware of the shift in the target audience to provide effective flutter development services. Success comes effortlessly to a team that understands how to connect with the audience simply. 7 Pillars, a top flutter mobile app development company, is known for its years of experience providing satisfactory results to our clients, therefore making it the perfect choice for you.

A Cutting-Edge Development Procedure

7 Pillars, the best flutter mobile app development company, offers our clients a precise procedure for developing apps using flutter technology while adhering to the guidelines and tactics. Everyone involved in the project, from the clients to the technocrats, will receive information regarding the project's goals so the team can work together to deliver the perfect project. 7 Pillars is the best choice for you to build your dream app.


Diverse Skills And Well-Defined Roles

Experience isn't the only thing that a brand needs to prioritise while choosing a Flutter app development company to build your dream app. As the best Flutter app development company in Australia, we guarantee that our team of varied skill sets will collaborate to craft a remarkable digital solution for your corporation.

Elevated Coding Standards

A Flutter mobile app development company that chases high coding standards should be your first choice, and 7 Pillars perfectly fits this criterion. Our technocrats are familiar with integrating and using multiple coding languages that will turn your vision into a reality to serve justice to our client's dream projects.

Open Communication Channels

At 7 Pillars, a Flutter mobile app development company, our team believes in taking a client-centric approach by keeping communication open with everyone involved in the project. Our team is available for our clients to reach out via chat, and email to freely discuss anything they desire. Through this medium, we keep our clients updated about the status of their projects.

Dedication To The Project

Our team at 7 Pillars is dedicated to delivering perfection to our clients and will go to any lengths to do the same. Our team takes the underdeveloped ideas that our clients give us and transforms them into profitable ventures. Our team strives to satisfy and provide value to our clients while pursuing success and financial gains.
At 7 Pillars, we take security as the topmost priority and ensure nothing about your idea or company gets leaked outside of the people you have opened up about the plans by implementing the industry's best practices, encryption and conducting thorough security audits.
At 7 Pillars, a Flutter mobile app development company, we believe in handling intellectual property rights at the top level by clarifying ownership rights and responsibilities regarding the Flutter app's code, content, design elements, and any proprietary technologies decided between the client and us during the consult.
Even though Flutter has a series of advantages, there are certain drawbacks of the same, like every other technology -

- Bigger app size

- Lack of third-party libraries

- Tooling isn't robust compared to other platforms

The business with the most advanced development process, the broadest range of abilities, raised coding standards, t flexible communication channels, and the most attention to the project the finest flutter app development company. Consequently, 7 Pillars, a flutter app development company offers all of the aforementioned characteristics for effective product development under one roof.
At 7 Pillars, our team of experienced app developers provide consultation by giving valuable insights, guidance, and expertise to help you conceptualize, plan, and develop your Flutter mobile app project.
Unfortunately, At 7 Pillars, we work with several clients, so it's almost impossible for us to sign specific NDAs crafted by a particular client thus we sign a standard NDA before the development of your Android app. The legal liability and cost aren't worth the hassle, but rest assured the NDA provided by us is fair to all parties.
Our company, 7 Pillars, a Flutter mobile app development company, stands out from our competition with our years of expertise, the level of transparency and support provided by our team, client satisfaction and the ability to work on a budget.
The procedure to build an app using Flutter takes way less time and costs less money as it uses a single codebase to build apps for different platforms. As a result, owners can benefit from quicker and less expensive app development thanks to this framework.
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