5 Jul 2024

Building The Perfect Travel App – Key Features Your Users Will Love  

Shaun Bell

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Building The Perfect Travel App – Key Features Your Users Will Love 

Are you tired of the monotonous lifestyle and need a break? Imagine scrolling through your phone leisurely with your best friend and coming across a great deal for your dream destination, leading you to wonder if the vacation is possible.  

After consideration, you guys discover that it is possible to have your dream trip this weekend, and you hurriedly finish the bookings for your flights and hotels with a tap. The evolution of technology has given us the freedom to choose whatever we want to do at any time of the day without struggling with planning the event for days. 

In today’s fast-paced digital world, nothing seems impossible, especially planning the dream vacation, thanks to the first innovative mind that thought about developing a travel mobile app allowing others to book flights and accommodations, discover local hidden gems and manage their itinerary—with a tap. The rising demands of travel apps have provided mobile app development companies with an opportunity to expand themselves in the market and gain clients interested in creating their travel app.  

Now, with technology in our hands, we can fulfil all our travel dreams with travel app development that creates seamless travel experiences that transform how we explore the world. Establishing a digital presence has become a must for travel app development companies, with the demand for travel app development emerging as the pinnacle of elevating customer service and operational efficiency, redefining how businesses interact with guests. 

Growth In Demand For Travel Mobile App Development 

Travel app development has witnessed robust growth since the start of the pandemic due to people’s growing desire to get out of their houses again for a breath of fresh air. Travel app development has grown abundantly over the years, and this flourishing need of people has led to a new market opening for mobile app development companies to invest in travel app creation for users. 

Many people have always been passionate about travelling, but the logistics may often be intimidating, as organising everything, including itinerary planning to bookings and navigating uncharted territory, may be rather demanding.  

Over the years, travel app development companies have witnessed significant growth in the demand for travel apps, with more than 70% of Australian travellers inclining towards using a travel app to plan a remarkable trip.  

Well, to no one’s surprise, more than 60% of Australian travellers are inclined towards using travel apps to plan their vacation, with Tripviews, a brilliant app developed by a known mobile app development company and Wikicamps, another brilliant app being the two of the more popular apps for public transport and camping in the country.  

What Is A Travel App?  

Imagine, after a long week of work, the weekend is around the corner, and you desire to plan a weekend getaway with your friends. For the curious ones, in simple terms, travel apps are mobile applications designed specifically to help make the process of trip planning effortless and hassle-free for users.  

Almost everyone is aware of the amount of effort required to plan a trip, but not everyone has the mental capacity or time to deal with the long process of researching the available offers on tickets and hotel reservations they can avail, and this is where travel app enters as a saviour with all the information on latest offers one can avail with booking availability a tap away. All a travel enthusiast needs to do while using a travel app is search for their favourite destination, and all the information regarding the availability of rooms and tickets with offers will appear, and they can choose the one that suits their needs. An iPhone app development company is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs interested in developing a travel app due to the popular demand by iPhone users 

How Travel Apps Have Transformed The Travelling Industry? 

The ever-evolving world of technology has helped in the digital transformation of the travel industry, but it didn’t happen overnight. Travel agencies have used several tactics to help their business grow by maintaining a web presence and providing a seamless digital experience to the users.  

The apps have become a significant player in transforming the tourism industry by providing travellers with access to a variety of options available for a specific destination via a single application, giving them the freedom to book the best deal without having to leave their homes, thus allowing travel and hospitality operators to streamline the experiences of their target users.  

Travel apps have simplified bookings to enhance the travel experience for target users, therefore becoming an indispensable tool for modern travellers. 

1. Streamlining The Booking Process  

One of the most notable things done by the invention of travel apps is the simplification of the booking process, as traditionally, the booking process required extensive research and chats with travel agents, which proved to be a taxing process. Now, one can book their flight or train ticket with a tap after extensive research between the available choices.  

This process of booking a hotel room for accommodation has also become effortless with mobile apps, as it helps users make their choices without having to spend money and time on various resources. With the help of user reviews, price comparisons, and real-time availability, they enable travellers to make well-informed selections quickly. Developed by a known mobile app developed company, Qantas is a prime example of ticket booking apps used by Australians to book their flights with Qantas Airways.  

2. Enhancement Of Personalization In Apps 

The travel apps help businesses analyse the behavioural patterns of the end-users and suggest options regarding accommodations and activities catered to their needs. By utilising data and artificial intelligence, travel applications provide customised travel experiences for the end users, which was previously unattainable with traditional forms of travel planning. 

3. Real-Time Update And Assistance 

Travel apps have integrated real-time updates as another transformative feature for travellers to help them remain updated about the changes in flight status, gate changes, weather updates, and traffic conditions, thus assisting them in making required changes in their schedules.  

4. Budgeting  

What hasn’t been done by travel apps? Another good part about travel apps is their ability to help travellers plan their itineraries in their budget. Developed by known app development company travel financial management app like Trail Wallet help Australian travellers manage their money and split the expenses evenly between them. 

The whole vacation experience becomes worth remembering by this financial control, which frees travellers from worrying about handling their money.   

5. Sustainable Traveling 

Travel apps have made sustainable travelling approachable for travellers by giving them the option to carpool with people to visit different places to save money and leave less carbon footprints. The shift towards sustainability is crucial for the travel industry’s future to help minimize its ecological footprint. 

Types Of Travel Apps – 

The era of modern technology has led to the invention of a saviour for people who get overwhelmed with the process of trip planning named travel apps, which have become an essential tool over the years. Haven’t travel apps made it enjoyable for users to book their tickets and plan their daily itinerary for the vacation with its brilliant features of providing us with instant access to information, bookings, navigation, and much more at the same place?  

1. Ticket Bookings And Reservation Apps 

What is the first thing you do before you begin planning a weekend getaway or a family vacation? Checking the availability of flight tickets and rooms in nearby hotels to your destination takes priority over other things. Don’t you find the traditional way of searching for a ticket or room availability tedious and overwhelming? 

 If the answer is yes, then bid goodbye to it and embrace the modern way to book your tickets and hotel reservations with a tap on travel mobile apps. The first type of travel app available for people is Ticket Bookings and Reservation Apps, which allows users to search for, compare book flights and complete vacation packages.  

Booking apps like Webjet and Skyscanner are brilliant examples of ticket-booking apps used by Australians to get great deals on flight tickets, these apps not only help you get all the information in one place, but they also allow you to save heaps of money. More often than not, these apps have genuine reviews from people who have already visited the place or used the app services, thus helping people make sound decisions. 

2. Hotel Booking Apps 

What comes next after you’ve your tickets booked? Well, after you have booked your flights, you need to look for a place to stay during your vacation and these hotel booking apps come in handy. These apps have made it significantly easy for individuals to find a place of their choice in their budget to stay during their vacation with a click of their fingers.  

These apps typically provide a range of features designed to make the process of finding and reserving a hotel room convenient and efficient. These apps allow individuals to look up the hotels in the area and compare their prices and amenities before making the final decision. Developed by a leading mobile app development company, Booking.com is a brilliant app used by Australians to book accommodations for the duration of their trip.  

3. Travel Itinerary Apps 

After you finish booking your tickets and hotels, the next thing you need to do is plan an itinerary that is the things you plan to do during the vacation.  These apps typically offer a range of features to the users that streamline the process of planning, tracking, and sharing trip details. Travel Itinerary apps allow individuals to plan the attractions they want to visit and activities they desire to do by suggesting a list of things they can do during their vacation to a particular destination.   

4. Travel Insurance App 

It is pivotal to be insured while travelling to an unknown destination so you can have protection and peace of mind in the event of unexpected situations occurring during the trip by providing you with features like medical coverage, lost and delayed luggage, emergency assistance etc. These apps have become increasingly popular with time due to their brilliant features that have made travelling stress-free for individuals planning a trip to an unknown location. 

5. Currency Conversion App 

Isn’t it pivotal to carry the currency of the country you are planning to travel to? These currency conversion apps help individuals convert their home currency to the currency of the area they are visiting, thus making the currency conversion process effortless. Currency conversion apps usually offer real-time exchange rates and additional features like a calculator or historical exchange rate charts. Built by Digitalchemy, a known app development company, Currency Converter Plus is a brilliant app used by people to see the currency conversion rate .  

6. Transportation Apps 

While visiting a new destination, it is pivotal to know the mode of transportation available for travelling from one region to another during the vacation to avoid time and resources wastage.  

Transportation apps have made it significantly easy for travellers to roam around a place by allowing them to make sound choices by providing them with options. These apps assist users arrive at their destination quickly and hassle-free by offering features including real-time ride tracking, driver details (such as name and vehicle’s RC number), and journey history. 

Benefits Of Having A Travel App For Your Business 

You must be aware by now of how the tourist industry is booming and expected to expand significantly in the years to come. However, a rise in the travel industry’s CAGR also means a better requirement to adapt to the changing needs of the target users and building a travel app will help you power your travel and hospitality business with several benefits by investing in the creation of tourism apps.  

The emergence of travel apps has completely changed the tourism sector and made them indispensable resources for companies trying to improve their offerings and expand their customer base.  

1. Customer Loyalty  

Customer loyalty is one of the most pivotal parts of building and expanding your business amongst the target audience. There are businesses out there competing to survive in the market amongst the audience, and for your business to survive the same, it needs to offer something unique to them. Entering the market is effortless, but retaining a customer base for your business is a daunting task. Creating a user-centric travel app is the ideal solution for your business to maintain its place amongst the end-users by offering solutions catered to their need. A blockchain app development company can help app developers gain customer loyalty by helping them provide a secure and transparent experience to travellers, thus enhancing their overall experience.  

Developed by Hopper Inc., a brilliant mobile app development company is known for its customer loyalty due to its basic feature of providing great deals to app users, thus helping them save big bucks.  

2. Minimizing Paperwork And Transactions  

The traditional way of booking required a lot of paperwork, but the modern form of travel planning allows travellers to book tickets and lodging from the comfort of their homes, and the app will provide the user with all the information they need to make the reservation, both within the app and on other platforms like WhatsApp.  

This enables travellers to visit their desired destination without carrying all the paperwork to prove a ticket and accommodation booking. These apps have enabled businesses to handle transactions for multiple users at once by allowing users to organise and access all the relevant data from the app, saving them the trouble of keeping pivotal documents with them.  

3. Provide Customer Support 

Every business needs to have seamless and twenty-four-hour customer support services for their clients for it to be successful, and with the travel industry being all about providing the best possible” tour-related services, good customer service has become a necessity. 

A travel app can help a brand increase the effectiveness of its services by allowing it to respond quickly to clients’ enquiries, as high-performing travel apps have in-built features like AI-enabled chatbots, property tours, AR-enabled rooms and WhatsApp-powered customer services.   

4. Boost Revenue 

The prime focus of every business is to boost its overall revenue, and the traditional form of travel operations hampered the businesses from reaching their full potential due to their advertising strategies targeting everyone irrespective of their wants and needs. 

However, modern technology has led to the invention of travel apps, which has made it possible for travel agencies to connect with their clients and offer customised solutions to them. This process helps these agencies increase sales by persuading the target users to make the final purchase, thus boosting their overall revenue.   

5. Offer Customized Services  

The best part about travel apps is that they offer customized services to the end users by helping the company get detailed information regarding the end-user’s preferences. To help your business improve your hospitality services, you should use the latest technologies, like AI, to provide a personalised recommendation to your customer based on their previous search preferences and behaviour.   

Features To Have On Your Travel App 

Key Features To Have For Customer Panel 

These elements are among the main panels of a tourism app that need to be included in the app to provide visitors with an exceptional experience and keep them interested long after they make their final purchase. 

1. Login In 

The prime feature that you need to have in your travel app is the sign-up or login-in option to get detailed information about the users. This feature enables users to register on the app and store their personal information, including names, phone numbers, and addresses that are then used by companies to customise the platform experience for their target users. 

2. Search Functionality 

Search functionality is a must-have for your travel app, but it requires you to pay close attention to it. A search icon at the top of your travel app allows users to search for desired information on your app, regarding flight and hotel bookings, information on different destinations to visit, etc.  

The travel apps keep the users engaged as it serves as a comprehensive search engine for travel-related queries. This significantly improves each user’s experience with the software, lessens annoyance and raises satisfaction levels for the customers. 

3. Hotel Search  

Accommodation is another crucial part of trip planning that you need to keep in mind while building your travel app. By adding a comprehensive hotel search function to your travel app, you will be able to attract a larger audience by catering to users’ travel preferences, including the price range they are comfortable spending. The best way to incorporate this feature in your app is by activating features like a filter to help the end-users make a choice that best suits their preferences.    


4. Flight Bookings 

Do you know what else would be a perfect fit for your travel app? A flight booking feature that will allow your users to get real-time flight details for the searched destination on preferred dates, including seating details, flight availability, one-way or roundtrip details, etc. To make the best of this feature, ensure that your app is as intuitive as possible for travellers with easy navigation and aesthetically pleasing UI/UX.  

5. Trip Details 

Trip Details is a must-have feature for your travel app to help people go through their past and upcoming trip details, including reserved lodging and airline tickets. This feature will help users make the final decision after looking into the previous accommodations used by them and the offers they got on the same. It is one of the few features that makes users interested in downloading your apps, as it helps them maintain a record of their past travel reservations, payments and cancellation details, which they can review whenever they want.   

6. Currency Converter 

Customer loyalty is one of the most pivotal parts of building and expanding your business amongst the target audience. There are businesses out there competing to survive in the market amongst the audience, and for your business to survive the same, it needs to offer something unique to them. Entering the market is effortless, but retaining a customer base for your business is a daunting task. Creating a user-centric travel app is the ideal solution for your business to maintain its place amongst the end-users by offering solutions catered to their need. A blockchain app development company can help app developers gain customer loyalty by helping them provide a secure and transparent experience to travellers, thus enhancing their overall experience.  

7. Customer Support 

While developing a travel app, you need to ensure that you are present for your users at every step of the way to check if they need any help. To address clients’ travel-related queries, you can incorporate an AI-enabled chatbot; therefore, even if you are not physically present in the communication modes, you can still help them. This will help you provide your client with customised suggestions and solutions from the AI chatbot to improve their trip booking process.  

8. In-App Payment 

In-app payment is another feature you should consider integrating into your travel app for the convenience it provides the users by allowing them to make payments against their booking. One thing you need to ensure while integrating this feature is that you integrate multiple forms of online payment, including Paytm, PayPal, etc. to give your users the choice to pay from a portal they are comfortable with. 

9. Push-Notifications 

One thing that continues to be important no matter what kind of app you plan to create is the Push-Notifications feature, as it allows brands to keep the users engaged. Push Notifications help you keep your users informed about the changes in schedule, price or hotel availability for their selected location.   

Key Features To Have For Admin Panel  

Now that we have the core features for the user’s panel out of the way, let’s focus on some of the pivotal features required for the admin panel for the app to function and attract users effortlessly. Admin panel helps individuals manage client and agent information to optimise the experience for both parties.  

1. User Management 

User management is a crucial feature for admins to help them preserve client information, including reservation specifics, payment history, information on cancellations or refunds, and administration of the user’s overall profile. This function helps the admin to maintain the record of every booking efficiently by allowing them to take a deeper dive into the user history.  

2. Agents Management 

If you plan to create a travel app, you need to partner with property owners and Airbnb to help your users get better deals. Agent Management feature allows the admin to keep up with all third-party property owners’ and agents’ data, including the property and package data. 

3. Advertisement Management 

Advertisement plays a crucial part in getting users to download your app and keep using it. The advertisement management feature allows the admin to keep in check the advertisements displayed on the app while users are using it, as it is pivotal that only relevant advertisements are displayed. The admin will ensure the advertisements are about travel, follow the parent company’s policies, and don’t overreach, as this could result in better bounce-back rates.  

Cost Of Travel App Development In Australia  

The cost to develop a travel app in Australia depends on several factors, including the app’s complexity, the features required, the development team’s experience, and the location of the development team. It also depends on the company you choose to develop your travel app, as the pricing of an iPhone app development company, an Android app development company and a blockchain app development company differs from each other. Here’s an estimated cost for travel app development in Australia: 

1. Basic Travel App 

To develop a basic version of a travel app in Australia, with a fundamental user interface and essential features like travel guides, maps, booking features, etc. you need to invest between AUD 20,000 to AUD 50,000. The development cost for a travel app includes hiring developers, app design and testing.   

2. Moderate Complexity Travel App 

The development of a moderately complex travel app in Australia with booking functionality, advanced search, and integration with APIs for hotel and flight information, reviews, and ratings requires an estimated investment of AUD 50,000 to AUD 150,000. 

3. High-End Travel App 

The development of a high-end travel app in Australia with an advanced user interface, real-time updates, extensive third-party integrations, personalized recommendations, in-app payments, and language support in Australia requires an estimated investment of AUD 150,000 to AUD 500,000+.  


Travel mobile app development is more profitable than ever for online   

travel companies, thanks to changes in travel laws and an increase in  

travellers seeking to experience their ideal locations.  

Over time, people from around the globe have started to prefer booking their tickets and accommodations through online mediums to avoid the hassle of the traditional way of trip planning.  

The increase in people’s love for travelling in Australia has generated a substantial need for travel apps as they offer convenience and reassurance to travellers by making the entire process of trip planning effortless. At 7 Pillars, an app development company, our team excel in revolutionizing, cutting-edge technology to evolve the world of travel app development. Our technocrats are experts in creating reliable software solutions for our client’s travel apps by understanding their vision and goals.  

At 7 Pillars, our technocrats are experts in harnessing the latest technologies, so our client’s software enhances project efficiency, facilitates informed decision-making, and optimizes operations.  

Our team at 7 Pillars, a leading app development company in Australia, believes in taking a client-centric approach while designing solutions for travel apps to ensure the latest technologies get incorporated into it while ensuring the end product aligns with clients’ vision.  

Crafting a travel app can become a lucrative business endeavour for entrepreneurs with an anticipated market value worth billions of dollars and an expanding user base. If you are an entrepreneur looking to create a travel app to boost your business, then look no further and contact us at 7 Pillars, an app development company today. Over the years, mobile app development companies have taken the lead in creating travel apps for individuals to use, thus expanding the overall marketplace for them. 

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