31 May 2024
Updated on June 5th, 2024

Unlocking Australia’s Literary Treasures : Must Have Audiobook And Book Apps 

Shaun Bell

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Unlocking Australia's Literary Treasures : Must Have Audiobook And Book Apps

Are you someone who loves to read and get lost in the world of fantasies but fails to get the time to do the same in today’s busy world? The ever-evolving world of technology has made it easier for book nerds to access a vast library of literary treasures through book and audiobook apps. 

Well, close your eyes and imagine yourself whisked away to a far-off land filled with adventure and love without having to turn a page as one needs to do in books. Welcome to a world of Audiobooks, an invention of technology where stories come alive through powerful narration, enabling readers to engage with their favourite authors and listen to their favourites anytime.  

Even if you don’t have time to sit down with your favourite book in hand to read in today’s fast-paced world, worry not, Audiobooks are just perfect for you as they provide a hands-free experience and you can read them anywhere you want, whether it’s in a gym or the comfort of your home or while travelling with your family.  

A reader will never willingly give up on the pleasure of cracking the spine and turning the pages of a good book while reading it. Life happens, and one doesn’t get enough time to read a book in your favourite spot, but Audiobooks have stepped in to fill this void in a reader’s life.  

If you are a reader looking for some of the best audiobook apps, then you are in the right place, as this blog will share the list of the top 10 audiobooks you can go for. These applications address the desire for fresh, engaging content tailored to individual preferences and interests.  

The interests of readers in Audiobook have encouraged several mobile app development companies to create their own with the investment of entrepreneurs interested in the same niche. The prime reason behind the popularity of Audiobooks is their time-saving and convenient appeal for readers to engage in their favourite hobby.  

History Of Audiobooks – 

Before we start on the list of the best Audiobooks, we should know how they came into existence. The first Audiobook generally gets attributed to the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), developed by M.C. Migel and produced the first talking books for blind individuals in the 1930s. The program was initiated by Helen Keller, a blind and deaf author known for her brilliant contributions to the literary world.   

The first Audiobook was available to blind veterans returning from World War I after being recorded on Vinyl.  

Literary Sphere Of Australia – 

Here is the list of the top Audiobook and book apps that have captured the hearts of Australians – 

1. Audible  

Audible takes the first spot in the list of best Audiobooks on your mobile with its vast library and exclusive content for the readers. Founded by none other than Donald Katz, Audible was launched in 1995 and later acquired by Amazon in 2008, following which the app started producing its content. 

Audible has high-quality narration as it collaborates with professional narrators to deliver exceptional narration that brings stories to life while offering unique features like Whispersync For Voice that allow readers to switch between an ebook and its Audibook version.  

The best part about this app is that it enables the Readers to set a time limit to stop the playback after a specific time using the Sleep Timer feature. These features of Audible have made it a go-to stop for readers. Developed by a brilliant mobile app development company, Audible is the best app for Australians to listen to their favourite books, as it has everything a reader can dream of.  

Available To Download –

1 For Android – Play Store  

  2 For iPhone – App Store 

2. Amazon Kindle  

Amazon Kindle takes the second spot in the list of the best Audiobooks for readers. Released on November 17, 2007, Amazon Kindle was developed by Amazon under Jeff Bezos’s leadership to create a remarkable experience for reading enthusiasts. 

Apart from Whispersyn, Amazon Kindle offers immersion reading to its users that enables them to hear and read their favourite stories simultaneously, with the only drawback being that it doesn’t have a wide range of book options like Audible, but worry not Audible’s integration in Amazon has allowed users to access its library. Amazon Kindle has become the go-to app for readers unable to read books.  

Available To Download –

1 For Android – Play Store  

  2 For iPhone – App Store 

3. Libby  

Libby takes the third spot on the list of favourite Audiobooks for reading enthusiasts. Released in June 2017, Libby is an Audiobook developed by OverDrive to help readers facilitate borrowing audiobooks and books from public libraries. 

The best part about this app is that it doesn’t require a subscription, and you can borrow the book of your choice for free with a valid library card, making it a pocket-friendly app. 

The app has an intuitive design that makes the navigation process effortless for readers while allowing them to add multiple Library cards. Another best part about this app is that you can save your precious data while using the app, as you can continue listening to your favourite book in offline mode.  

Available To Download –

1 For Android – Play Store  

2 For iPhone – App Store 

4. BorrowBox Library  

BorrowBox Library has the fourth spot on the list of favourite Audiobooks for reading enthusiasts in Australia. If you aren’t interested in purchasing a book, then BorrowBox Library is the perfect fit for you with its brilliant features.  

Developed by Bolinda Digital, BorrowBox Library is an app that allows users to borrow the book of their dreams from any library at any time, thus making it convenient for them to read whenever they want.  

The best part about this app is that it provides the readers with a wide range of selections to choose their favourites and has a user-friendly interface. The only requirement to use this app is to become a member of a participating library and begin your cost-effective reading journey. The app is an excellent reading resource, therefore making it the best go-to Audiobook app for people trying to save money. 

Available To Download –

1 For Android – Play Store  

2 For iPhone – App Store 

5. Goodreads  

Well, Goodreads isn’t an Audiobook per se, but it is one of the best places for book enthusiasts to connect and find their next favourite Audiobook. Released in January 2007, and developed under the guidance of Otis Chandler and Elizabeth Khuri Chandler, GoodReads is a social cataloguing website that helps users know about the recent books in town that they might be interested to read.  

The app has an extensive database of popular books with ratings and detailed reviews from members, thus helping people form their new library. The best part about this app is that you can do reading challenges with your buddies and form reading communities with new people. You can also connect with your favourite author if they have created a page for fan interactions by signing up on the app and setting up a profile.  

Available To Download –

1 For Android – Play Store  

2 For iPhone – App Store 

6. Wattpad 

Well, if you haven’t heard about Wattpad, were you living under a rock, it is one of the best community-driven book-reading platforms for readers planning to read new books. Released in November 2006 and developed by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen, it became one of the best book-reading apps in a short time.  

The unique part about this app is that it allows people to write and share their stories while discovering new stories and connecting with the reading community of the app. The best part about the app is that it has a variety of content for readers to choose from that you can read for free and connect with your favourite author. Another reason behind the app’s gaining popularity is its mobile-friendly platform that can used even in online mode.  

Available To Download –

1 For Android – Play Store  

 2 For iPhone – App Store  

7. Audiobooks.com 

Have you heard about Audiobooks.com before, or is it a name you are hearing for the first time? Well, for the unaware, curious squirrels out there looking for the next best Audiobook app to add to their collection of Audiobook apps, Audiobooks.com is a perfect addition for you. 

Released in 2011, and developed by Simply, Audiobook is the best audiobook app for reading enthusiasts to add to their storage with its extensive collection of books one could read.  

The only drawback of the app is that it isn’t pocket-friendly, with a monthly subscription costing 14.95$ after a thirty-day free trial. Another feature that has made the app popular amongst the reading community is offline listening, meaning book enthusiasts can listen to their favourite books without wasting their precious data. 

Available to download –

1. For Android – Play Store 

2. For iPhone – App Store  

8. AlphaNovel  

Are you even a reader if you haven’t heard the name of AlphaNovel, an app designed for reading enthusiasts with a love for fantasy and romantic novels?  

Developed by a brilliant mobile app development company, Braingen Apps, and launched in October 2021, it has gained immense popularity among the reading community in s short period.  

The best part about this app is its extensive collection of fantasy and romance novels, with the writers updating new chapters for readers to enjoy continuously. 

Similar to Audible, the AlphaNovel app has an exclusive collection of novels that one can’t find on any other reading app, with a reward system where a reader can move on to the next chapter using in-app currency. The only drawback with the app is that the quality of some of the content is not that great and worth your time. 

Available to download –

1. For Android – Play Store 

2. For iPhone – App Store  

9. Himalaya  

You will be shocked to know that Himalaya is one of the best reading apps available for people with a love for reading in Australia. Developed by a known mobile app development company, Himalaya offers readers a wide variety of audiobooks, educational series and romantic novels, with some of its content being exclusive.  

It is one of the few apps that allows readers to customize their selections and adjust the playback time and speed according to their preferences. The drawback of the app is that even though it offers a variety of free content to its readers, the best content available requires a subscription, which some might find quite expensive.  

Available to download-

1. For Android – Play Store 

 2. For iPhone – App Store  

10. Booktopia  

Well, the Booktopia reading app isn’t an audibook app, but it is one of the few apps that offer a wide variety of books to readers that they can read after purchasing it, but it isn’t a stand-alone reading app. 

Released in 2004, developed by Tony Nash, Steve Traurig and Simon Nash, Booktopia is an app that operates an online bookstore and has gained popularity over the years, especially in Australia. It is the best app available for readers interested in a more traditional form of reading as it allows users to buy hardcopy and paperback versions of books.  

Available to download –

1. For Android – Play Store 

2. For iPhone – App Store  

11. Scribd  

If you live in Australia, then you would love Scribd due to its platform flexibility and more pocket-friendly subscriptions for readers who love a good book to read on a budget. Released in March 2007 and developed by a remarkable mobile app development company, Scribd offers its users a wide variety of eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, and documents for a monthly subscription fee. 

The best part about the app is its wide variety of content belonging to any genre a reader could desire for them to choose while having a user-friendly interface that keeps them excited to use the app. Over the years, the app has become widely popular in the country, with its unique features that have kept the readers interested for a while. 

Available to download –

1. For Android – Play Store 

 2. For iPhone – App Store  

12. Storytel  

Well, when you hear the app’s name, the first thing that would come to your mind would be, what exactly is Storytel? Storytel is one of the more widely known book-reading and borrowing apps in the Australian market due to its variety of collections and the ability to share the same account with the family at an affordable price.  

The best part about the app is that it also produces original and exclusive content, which is  

available only on the app for its members.  

Available to download –

1. For Android – Play Store 

2. For iPhone – App Store  

Craft Your Dream Reading and Audiobook Apps With 7 Pillars  

Do you want to create an app that will become a hit in the market but don’t know where to start, then you are in the right place. Crafting an app requires precise planning, user-centred design, robust development and thinking for the app to be successful. 

 In today’s tech-smart world, the need for Audiobook and e-book apps has increased significantly, thus increasing the demand leading to several app development companies to invest in the same. 7 Pillars, a brilliant app development company, is your one-stop haven to create the app of your dreams due to its years of expertise and seasoned technocrats.  

Things To Keep In Mind While Crafting Your Dream Audiobook And E-book App  

There are certain things that one needs to keep in mind while planning to craft an Audiobook or a book app- 

1. Diverse Content–  

The first thing to keep in mind while creating an Audiobook or a book app is to identify your target audience and provide them with a variety of book genres. Keep an eye out for the latest releases in different book genres to add to your book library, be the first to have the book on your app and watch the customers stay with you. 

2. UserFriendly Interface 

Having a user-friendly interface is a must for you to gain the attention of your target audience. The app should have an easy navigation that allows users to find and add a book to their reading list effortlessly. It is a must-have feature for you to have in an app with visually appealing designs that enhance the user experience. 

3. Personalize 

This step comes after you have identified your target audience and involves you personalizing the content according to their preferences. The app needs to allow the user to make the changes they want in their book while reading or listening to it, including changing the font size or playback speed. Keep using algorithms to analyze the favourite books of your users and suggest similar books using algorithms.   

4. Offline Access 

There is nothing that drives a user away from your app other than having to waste their precious data in reading a single book of their choice therefore you need to provide offline access to them. One needs to ensure that the readers can download a book of their choice and read it anytime they want without their data. Another thing you need to do is provide managing options to your users to optimize their storage. 

5. CrossPlatform Synchronization  

It is another pivotal part of app creation that involves ensuring that your app runs smoothly on Android and iPhones to increase your target audience. Seamless syncing is a must-have for a successful app, as it allows users to switch effortlessly between mobile phones, tablets and computers without losing their book data.   

6. Monetization Strategies – 

The best way to monetize your app without losing users is to provide them a choice to make in-app purchases or buy individual books of their choice instead of one subscription plan. You need to ensure you offer a basic version of the app with access to good content to your users at an affordable price or for free before offering them premium features at a higher price.  

7. Legal Considerations– 

If you thinking about creating a book app, then you need to ensure that you have covered all the legal bases by getting licensed to use the books and applying digital rights management to protect yourself against unauthorized copying and content distribution.  

8. Feedback Mechanism  

For an app to be successful in the market, there needs to be a quick way for the users to inform the creator of the issues they face while using the app. Ensure your app has a fast feedback mechanism or community space where users can share their opinions about the app and the novel collection. 

Why 7 Pillars Is The Best Choice To Create Audiobook Or Book Apps? 

7 Pillars is a mobile app development company known for its years of experience that understands their client’s vision and ensures it aligns perfectly with current trends in the end product.  

1. Expertise in Mobile App Development 

7 Pillars is a mobile app development company that employs a group of proficient experts with specialized knowledge in application development. Our team is familiar with different assignments covering various sectors, enabling us to understand and expertly devise inventive and efficient resolutions. Our team’s extensive knowledge of the current technological trends and UX principles allows us to develop remarkable feature-rich reading and audiobook apps for our clients. 

2. Customized Solutions 

Our technocrats at 7 Pillars, an app development company, understand that each app has different needs and the power of customization. Our technocrats recognize the individuality of every book-related app and work closely with our clients to grasp their requisites and inclinations, then tailor specific solutions for varying business needs. No matter what kind of app you are planning to create, 7 Pillars will deliver the best to you by customizing the development process to align with your vision. 

3. User-Centered Design 

Our technocrats at 7 Pillars, a mobile app development company, work on carrying out comprehensive UX research to guarantee that your software is user-friendly and captivating. Our team’s core is prioritizing features that improve user experience, from aesthetically pleasing interfaces to fluid navigation, and we work closely with our clients to ensure we don’t deliver anything less than perfection.  

4. Scalable and Secure Technology 

7 Pillars has a reputation for delivering perfection to its clients and building scalable and secure solutions that enable end-users to freely use the app without having to ponder about data security. Our technocrats use robust development frameworks and follow the best industry practices to ensure the end product can handle growth without compromising data security. 

5. Cross-Platform Development 

It doesn’t matter which platform you are targeting for your app, be it Android or iPhone, our technocrats at 7 Pillars, an app development company in Australia, have expertise in developing cross-platform apps that enable users to use the app on any platform of their choice. By targeting both platforms, we maximize your app’s reach amongst the target audience.  

6. Continuous Learning and Improvement 

The team at 7 Pillars is determined to deliver what they promised to their clients by continuously researching the latest industry trends and implementing them in the apps to ensure it is never outdated. The team values continuous learning and improvement to ensure they can deliver the best cutting-edge solutions to their clients.  

Conclusion – 

Audiobooks and books have the power to transport individuals to a different realm, expand our knowledge and horizons, and provide endless entertainment to people. The popularity of Audiobooks and book apps has proved to be a testament to the enduring love Australian readers have for literature showing their passion for accessing stories and knowledge in modern, convenient formats. 

Whether you are a reading enthusiast or a business looking for opportunities to expand its digital presence, partnering with the right mobile app development company like 7 Pillars is a necessity to bring your vision to life. Mobile app development companies are known for providing efficient solutions to specific problems, leveraging innovative technology to create user-friendly applications that enhance productivity and streamline everyday tasks.  

Bid goodbye to traditional reading and embrace the more convenient and modern way of indulging in your favourite hobby with Audiobooks and book apps. These apps have revolutionized the world of reading for Australians by allowing them to engage with their favourite reads and making literature more accessible for people with diverse preferences and lifestyles. 

7 Pillars, a mobile app development company, is an expert in building the Audiobook or book apps of your dreams that align perfectly with the ongoing trends and technological advancements so you aren’t left behind.  

So, what are you waiting for, get in contact with our company today to build the app of your dreams. 

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