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Android App Development
at 7 Pillars

Well, who isn’t aware of the dominance Android has across the global smartphone market, thus making it a strategic cornerstone for several businesses, including the Android app development company? The pivotal role of establishing meaningful bonds between company and clients comes in handy while creating a unique user-friendly app, and we at 7 Pillars, an Android app development company ensure we earn our client's trust and loyalty by listening to their ideas and turning them into a reality. It is important to choose an Android app development company that would fulfil your needs at your budget to build your dream app as your business expands. We at 7 Pillars, with our capability to craft strategies and ensure lasting connection between your app and the end-users are a perfect match for turning your dreams into reality.

Crafting Exceptional Solutions for Android App Development

With an array of benefits to its side, including scalability, swift development, heightened security, versatility, and customization, Android app development companies have successfully asserted their dominance in the global smartphone market by gaining end-users' favour. Leveraging the Android platform has allowed Android app development companies to create distinctive app solutions customized perfectly for your needs, and the best Android app development company in Australia takes advantage of the same to provide clients with custom-made solutions that perfectly cater to their business needs.

Maximizing Business Advantages Through

Android App Integration

Android app development companies have gained noticeable traction in the smartphone industry showcasing their prowess in creating innovative and user-centric apps. Android has become the best platform for enterprises to build and launch apps for their brands over time due to its large user base worldwide with its ability to provide quick and efficient access to interested clients.

Android application, significantly broadens your outreach and insightful data about your target audience, thus allowing Android app development companies to enhance their product, add features to them change their price policies and plan exclusive discounts. It becomes essential to implement cutting-edge technology for Android app development companies determined to surpass their rivals, thus making it an indispensable part of their operations.

The unrivaled advantages of Android apps include:

Experience Higher ROI
Perfect for the BYOD model
Effortless Customization
Seamless Security
Reduce TTM (Time To Market)
Scope for Innovation

To build a brilliant Android app that would work amazingly with the end-users and navigate through the diverse world of Android, you need the right technocrats determined to work with you to build your dream app and we at 7 Pillars, a top Android app development company with our bunch of experts are innovative enough to be a perfect fit for your company. 7 Pillars, an Android app development company stands out amongst the rest with its ability to perfectly blend creativity, innovation, and passion to craft masterful solutions in Android app development. 7 Pillars, an Android app development company in Australia is committed to providing their services to brands focused on delivering unique mobile application experiences tailored to the user's needs. Our firm is reliable for creating cutting-edge solutions that stand out in the dynamic mobile ecosystem as we use a variety of approaches before finalizing the one that fits our client's needs.

Here, at 7 Pillars, an Android development company, we focus on continuously evolving your creativity and skills to create a brilliant app solution for your brand by keeping an eye on the latest ongoing trends and updating the app when needed. Since its establishment in 2016, 7 Pillars, a top Android app development company, has fulfilled all the promises it made to its clients by turning their dreams into a reality.

Expertise and experience

Well, 7 Pillars, an Android mobile app development company also dealing in iPhone app development is known to have a bunch of seasoned professional technocrats with extensive insight into the field of Android app development, and our experience has made us capable of handling a wide range of demands.

Innovative Methodology:

Our technique to build your dream app is unconventional, as it involves perfectly fusing creativity, innovation, and passion with trends, thus ensuring the development of innovative applications.

Client-Centric Approach:

At 7 Pillars, one of the best Android app development companies, our team tries to understand and fulfil the unique requirements of our clients. Our client-centric approach has helped us ensure that our end product perfectly aligns with the client's goals and objectives.

Wide Range of Services

Our team at 7 Pillars, an Android development company in Australia, offers a full range of services for developing the Android applications of your dreams. Meeting your unique needs doesn't matter if you are a well-established brand or a startup.

Unique User Experiences:

At 7 Pillars, we are dedicated to providing you with unique experiences to build your dream app by tailoring our solutions to your demands while ensuring the end product stands out amongst the competition in terms of user engagement.

Adaptive Methodologies:

During the entire process, we one of the best Android app development companies incorporate different approaches into our work method until you are satisfied with the end product to guarantee great flexibility and adaptability. This has allowed our team to adapt and shift the demand for the projects according to trends.

Commitment to Excellence:

Our team at 7 Pillars, an Android app development company, is committed to delivering nothing short of perfection to our clients, and we strive to deliver Android applications that meet and exceed your expectations.


In summary, selecting a reliable Android app development company based on the 7 Pillars involves choosing a partner with a proven track record, innovative strategies, and a relentless commitment to delivering exceptional results.
  • Understand the concept and how it fits the business needs
  • Unleash the business needs
  • Design the Prototype
App Concept Analysis
App Development Cycle
  • Design the app layout
  • Create the API
  • Conduct the QA Testing process
  • Identify the app bugs & crashes
  • Test the app performance on the real-time network
  • Asses the app health throughout to create a bug-free experience
Vigorous testing process
After App launch Support & Assistance
  • Assist in submitting the app on store
  • Scan the mobile app closely
  • Stay Accessible 24*7*365
At 7 Pillars, our commitment and dedication don't end with the launch of your app but extend with continuous support and maintenance services, thus ensuring that the app stays with the ongoing trends and adapts adequately to the evolving business needs.
At 7 Pillars, we believe in maintaining transparency with our clients by involving them in every step of their app development by providing them regular updates and having regular feedback sessions to know if any of your requirements have changed.
At 7 Pillars, we are picky with our choices and will only give you the best that perfectly fits your needs, with that being said our team of seasoned Android developers are handpicked with extensive expertise in creating diverse and innovative mobile applications. The team has more than seven years of experience, as it has been established since 2016.
At 7 Pillars, we take security as the topmost priority and ensure nothing about your idea or company gets leaked outside of the people you have opened up about the plans and idea by implementing the industry's best practices, encryption, and conducting thorough security audits.
Well, there's no surety about the time required to build an Android app, as it entirely depends on your requirements and designs, but during the first consultation, our team of experts will provide you with an estimated period required to build your dream app.
Unfortunately, At 7 Pillars, we work with several clients, so it's almost impossible for us to sign specific NDAs crafted by a particular client thus we sign a standard NDA before the development of your Android app. The legal liability and cost aren't worth the hassle, but rest assured the NDA provided by us is fair to all parties.
Well, we are a team of technocrats believing in providing customers ultimate satisfaction and the capability to integrate almost any kind of design a client could dream of, so rest assured we can work with any design.
Absolutely our team at 7 Pillars provide detailed guidance on various monetization models to help you understand better the perfect fit for your app, including in-app purchases, subscription plans, advertisements etc. that are tailored especially for you.
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