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The world of technology keeps evolving over time with the discovery of something better, and augmented reality is one such technology that has changed the world of gaming and entertainment due to it being an interactive experience that enhances real-world interactions with computer-generated perceptual information.
Augmented reality is a technology that several companies use to make their app go viral between the end-users to generate better revenue. This new technology has the potential to change the way end-users perceive your brand and boost productivity, and performance. 7 Pillars, an augmented reality mobile app development company in Australia, has perfectly integrated the latest technology to create several viral apps, and the next one could be yours.

Pioneering solutions with
Augmented Reality Technology

Well, for the curious squirrels unaware of augmented technology, it is a futuristic technique that involves superimposing a virtual image over actual items. Augmented Reality apps for Android and iPhone operate in conjunction with the input from the camera or smart glasses to overlay the image. This virtual scene conjures a mesmerizing illusion, captivating users in a digital world.
Augmented Reality


Currently, the market possesses a number of brilliant viral Augmented Reality apps for Android that have sparked global attention thanks to their innovative features and quick expansion into every industry.
However, it is technically a new technology in the market that helps the clients and markets explore the potential advantages offered by this technology. This technology facilitated users to attain creative ways to experience services like virtual reality games.

Types Of AR
Location-based AR- At 7 Pillars, an augmented reality mobile app development company, our team uses location features, like the compass, GPS, and accelerometers, while developing location-based augmented reality apps for our client. The location data is shown on the phone using the information gathered from these sensors.
Marker-based AR - At 7 Pillars, an augmented reality mobile app development company, our technicians take advantage of the camera on the device while making a Marker-based AR app. Applications using markers enable the identification of objects in images, including faces or unique objects. This capability gets enhanced by computer-generated graphics that overlay on top of the marker.
Superimposition-based AR: The optimum platform for object identification is an advanced application that replaces the object's current views with augmented ones.
How Your Business
Can Be Benefit From AR Integration?

The power that augmented reality and the technology of virtual reality hold in the market in current times has attracted an array of industries to invest in it, and 7 Pillars is one such company experienced in creating apps incorporating these latest technologies.

7 Pillars, an augmented reality mobile app development company, facilitates businesses to grow and helps customers experience various features of different enterprises. Improves Training & Education- The invention of augmented reality has contributed significantly to improving educational field by creating a real-world training scenario to make learning new concepts and processes smooth for trainees and students.

Object Visualization -This technology facilitates easy integration of virtual and physical things, facilitating developers to further engage with the digital components through app solutions.

Improves Customer Service: Through AR-enabled apps, executives can envision better what clients would want from the services given by providing seamless customer service excellence.

Augmented Reality Platforms 7 Pillars Work With
  • At 7 Pillars, an augmented reality mobile app development company, our technocrats create cutting-edge augmented reality apps that use the iPhone's integrated processor, motion sensor, and camera.
  • At 7 Pillars, an augmented reality mobile app development company, our technocrats employ the newest augmented reality platform from Google, ARCore, to produce several entertaining Android apps incorporating the latest technologies, including interactive maps, shopping apps and more.
  • At 7 Pillars, an augmented reality mobile app development company, our team produces sophisticated AR apps for tablets and smartphones.
  • Our developers at 7 Pillars, an augmented reality mobile app development company in Australia, with full support for Android, iOS, Flash, and Windows phones, the Metaio SDK enables developers to create quick and easy-to-use applications that can be integrated with a variety of graphical models and used in any business setting or design.
At 7 Pillars, we take security as the topmost priority and ensure nothing about your idea or company gets leaked outside of the people you have opened up about the plans by implementing the industry's best practices, encryption and conducting thorough security audits.
At 7 Pillars, a augmented reality mobile app development company, we believe in handling intellectual property rights at the top level by clarifying ownership rights and responsibilities regarding the AR app's code, content, design elements, and any proprietary technologies decided between the client and us during the consult.
Even though you might think that virtual reality and augmented reality are the same thing, they are not, and the primary difference between the two is that augmented reality enhances real-world experiences by overlaying digital content onto the physical environment whereas virtual reality immerses users in entirely digital environments, offering immersive and interactive experiences beyond the constraints of the real world.
Well, yes augmented reality has been successfully incorporated into the healthcare sector, with the prime incorporation being in the medical training and education system while helping with surgical navigation and planning. Apart from these, it has helped in patient education and engagement while helping inpatient physical therapy.
At 7 Pillars, an augmented reality mobile app development company, our team of experienced augmented reality app developers provide consultation by giving valuable insights, guidance, and expertise to help you conceptualize, plan, and develop your AR mobile app project.
Unfortunately, At 7 Pillars, we work with several clients, so it's almost impossible for us to sign specific NDAs crafted by a particular client thus we sign a standard NDA before the development of your Android app. The legal liability and cost aren't worth the hassle, but rest assured the NDA provided by us is fair to all parties.
Our company, 7 Pillars, a augmented reality app development company, stands out from our competition with our years of expertise, the level of transparency and support provided by our team, client satisfaction and the ability to work on a budget.
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