Artificial Intelligence

AI has been creating waves in the world of technology since the day it was discovered, with its ability to help several brands make advancements in their career. There isn't a soul out there who wouldn't know about AI, with its advancement globally, but for the unaware souls, AI or artificial intelligence is a unique kind of intelligence capable of mimicking human intelligence, thus making life easier for us.
AI can execute any task you can imagine with its ability to think, learn, behave and understand like humans, offering recommendations effortlessly for your queries. Our team at 7 Pillars, one of the best artificial mobile app development companies in Australia has easily incorporated this technology for our client's benefit.

Powerful & Intelligent App Solution

As you may already be aware, artificial intelligence is a computer's ability to perform tasks traditionally or commonly associated with the intellectual characteristics of human beings. Several apps are built using this technology, and these artificial intelligence apps have the capability of performing tasks that require human intelligence.

The mechanism of artificial intelligence replicates human thought processes and functions as an intelligent machine, allowing the end-user to solve complex issues with brilliant and easy solutions. When it comes to the potential applications of the said brilliant technology, Chatbots and self-driving cars are simply the tip of the iceberg, with much more to come. The potential of Artificial Intelligence technology has attracted several different industries and businesses to incorporate it into their business model.

How You Can Benefit From

AI Integration

Well, would you choose a company that wouldn't offer anything unique to you? Most probably not, as in the current business scope, a client won't choose us until you have something unique to offer and 7 Pillars, an artificial mobile app development company, offers you unique solutions for your apps, thus allowing our client to feel a connection with us. Applications using artificial intelligence brilliantly combine creativity and ease in a way that consumers find appealing, all while maintaining the ideal balance.

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence-

Boosts Sales

Chatbots are built using artificial intelligence that functions as astute marketing executives for businesses, thus enabling you to filter the leads by asking questions using Natural Language Processing (NLP) chatbots that pose queries based on responses from prospects.

Innovates Marketing

Marketing is an integral part of business, it is something you cannot avoid even if you want to, and artificial intelligence in big data analytics allows potential clients to empower marketing with Machine Learning. This ability enables clients to filter the targeted audience for an effective marketing strategy.

Personal Assistant for Customers

Artificial intelligence allows customers access to a Personal Assistant using the recognition tool, which proves to be helpful with its ability of taking notes using the speech recognition tool and provide them with an ID by creating a ticket in the CRM system.

Predicting Outcome

Artificial Intelligence in mobile applications plays a big hand in allowing businesses to predict outcomes based on data analysis by analysing client behaviour patterns, it assists you in determining which products are most likely to be sold in what quantities. As everyone knows, customers' perspectives on product demand vary, and for a business, this information is crucial for making the right stock purchases. Artificial Intelligence can divided into different categories, as listed below.

Reactive Machines

Limited Memory

Theory of Mind


Artificial Narrow
Intelligence (ANI)

Artificial General
Intelligence (AGI)

Artificial Superhuman
Intelligence (ASI)

How does 7 Pillars help?

The intervention of AI-based applications technology has opened the door to opportunities for several different businesses, and at 7 Pillars, an artificial mobile app development company, our team of technocrats have taken the best features of technology and applied our creativity to make the most of it in the mobile application industry. Currently, artificial intelligence and IoT have the potential to be used in the real world since machines can readily comprehend internal business needs and situations seen by humans, as well as user behaviour. The existing artificial intelligence can integrate with your app by handling large volumes of data and performing intricate computations.

  • Offers better customer service
  • User-Sentiment analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Human Resource Management
  • More effective & efficient marketing
  • Training & coaching
  • Intelligent Cybersecurity
  • Enhances conversion rates
  • Automated workflow
  • Streamlines Manufacturing
  • Improves Workplace Communication

Why Choose AI Developers From 7 Pillars?

7 Pillars, an artificial mobile app development company in Australia, is your one-stop haven to develop an AI app with our robust team of artificial intelligence (AI) application developers passionate about creating apps of your dreams using natural language processing (NLP) to improve the communication between the machine and human to help your business yield positive results. Our company, 7 Pillars, an artificial mobile app development company, offers a variety of services to our clients including –
At 7 Pillars, an artificial intelligence mobile app development company, machine learning apps have the power to increase business revenue by providing engaging insights for your company's data.
At 7 Pillar, an artificial intelligence mobile app development company, our team of developers believe in creating voice-activated personal assistant apps for our clients that have the capability of operating like a human carrying out tasks and control devices. This technology incorporated by the artificial intelligence mobile app development companies has enabled businesses to garner relevant information to understand the target audience and utilize relevant online services.
Our developers at 7 Pillars, an artificial intelligence mobile app development company, believe in continuously updating their knowledge in the said field while keeping up with the trends so they can help our clients achieve the best outcome in the business domain.
Our team of technocrats at 7 Pillars, an artificial intelligence mobile app development company in Australia, have offered a variety of sizzling Artificial Intelligence -enabled app solutions to several commercial businesses, including retail, e-commerce, sales, sports, and restaurants, with our innovative AI-enabled app solutions. Our team of technocrats at 7 Pillars, an artificial intelligence mobile app development company specialise in creating effective chatbots with multiple uses that leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to maximise income for your company.
Our technocrats at 7 Pillars, an artificial intelligence mobile app development company do not take the one-size-fits-all all approach to cater to our client's whims, instead our team believes in tailoring each solution to give our client the best possible outcome. Our team at 7 Pillars, an artificial intelligence mobile app development company in Australia, promise to provide the best AI apps catered for your particular industry.
Well, at 7 Pillars, an artificial intelligence mobile app development company, our team believes that we can easily incorporate the latest technologies with artificial intelligence, to enhance app security for our clients by using Anomaly Detection, Behavioural Automation, Security Monitoring and Adaptive Security.
Our technocrats at 7 Pillars, an artificial intelligence mobile app development company in Australia, believe in being fair to our client and their target audience by ensuring diverse data collection, algorithm transparency, continuous monitoring and stakeholder engagement.
The best way artificial intelligence, is used to enhance user experience is by using AI algorithms to analyse user behaviour and preferences to provide customized recommendations, content, and features catering to the target audience. Voice and image recognition are two other features of AI that play a pivotal role in enhancing user experience.
The cost of AI apps varies depending on the type you want to integrate into your app with the initial investment required for development, but at 7 Pillars, an artificial intelligence mobile app development company, we will provide you with an estimated budget needed to create your app after first consultation.
Artificial intelligence is a recently discovered technology that has affected the app development market in the commercial fields, including healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, travelling, marketing, advertisement and entertainment.
Absolutely our team at 7 Pillars provides detailed guidance on various monetization models to help you understand better the perfect fit for your app, including in-app purchases, subscription plans, advertisements etc. for your artificial intelligence apps that are tailored especially for you.
Unfortunately, At 7 Pillars, an artificial intelligence mobile app development company, we work with several clients, so it's almost impossible for us to sign specific NDAs crafted by a particular client thus we sign a standard NDA before the development of your Android app. The legal liability and cost aren't worth the hassle, but rest assured the NDA provided by us is fair to all parties.
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