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Well, in the ever-evolving world of technology, the IoT has proved to be a game-changer, allowing the devices to collect data and interconnect the devices for the seamless connectivity eco-system. The advancement of IoT has been a game changer for companies as it aids them in transforming brilliantly for increased convenience for both the client and end-users. 7 Pillars, one of the best IoT mobile app development companies in Australia, has helped several brands create the apps of their dreams incorporating the latest technology involving IoT.

Automating Your Business Process

The development process of IoT apps has the notion and vision of the digital revolution, evolving into a cutting-edge technology that improves and influences our day-to-day existence. The advanced technology of IoT connects people, machines, processes, and systems on a single network. Well, IoT has made it possible for several enterprises and different businesses to integrate robust technology for their apps, which will undoubtedly change how humans interact with machines. At 7 Pillars, an IoT mobile app development company, our technocrats believe in providing our clients with nothing but perfection while keeping their vision and goals in mind.

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7 Pillars, an IoT mobile app development company, is renowned for offering cutting-edge IoT application development solutions, which allow several businesses and sectors to take full advantage of this brilliant technology. At 7 Pillars, an IoT mobile app development company in Australia, our technocrats believe in creating the ideal app solutions that cater to our client's unique needs, which align perfectly with the current requirements of diverse businesses.

Our technocrats at 7 Pillars, an IoT mobile app development company, have collaborated with several brands to create successful solutions for different industries that aid in data collection and enable customers to make well-informed decisions.

Advantages of IoT Solutions & Applications

Well, as you know IoT is a technology that allows businesses to predict outcomes based on data analysis. IoT is a brilliant technology that evaluates patterns in customer behaviour data pattern to help companies understand which of their products are most likely to be sold in what quantities. Customers' perspectives on product demand vary, and for a business, this helps ensure the correct inventory is bought. Artificial intelligence can be categorized into various subdivisions:
Your business can benefit from IoT solutions & applications in many ways like
Real-time decision making process for users
Offers the automated and optimized processes
Business can enhance the productivity processes in complex scenarios
Helps in optimizing the resources
Improves the marketing automation
Smart and enhanced supply chain
Better revenue generation
Simplifies the Operations with Streamlined Manageability and Analytics
Offers the Real Time Asset/Equipment Tracking & Management
Encourages the Protection with Multilayered, End-to-End Security
What Different Iot Services 7 Pillars Offers


At 7 Pillars, an IoT mobile app development company offer free consultation services provided by our qualified specialists.


Our experts at 7 Pillars, an IoT mobile app development company in Australia, assist you in finding the ideal architecture and solution for your company. Our services are integrated with high security and flexibility.

Architecture Development

Our technocrats at 7 Pillars, one of the best IoT mobile app development companies, work closely with you to learn the precise architecture needed to link our client's devices effortlessly.

Module Development

At 7 Pillars, an IoT mobile app development company, our technocrats collaborate closely with our clients to ensure the creation of the particular module needed for your company.


Our team of AI experts at 7 Pillars, an IoT mobile app development company in Australia, provides cutting-edge testing services that ensure systems and gadgets maintain connectivity to the data. Our talented technocrats have designed systems that brilliantly incorporate security, compatibility, and performance.

Support & Maintenance

At 7 Pillars, an IoT mobile app development company, our team believes in delivering the best to our clients, and we ensure to provide continuous support to our clients from the first consult till four months after launch by making updates to keep up with the trends and answering any query you might have.

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The latest technology has made it possible for people to keep an eye on everything happening in their homes from a distance by using electronic devices and mobile phone sensors. At 7 Pillars, an IoT mobile app development company, we offer smart home solutions to our clients for their app that enables you to carry out and complete all associated activities.


At 7 Pillars, an IoT mobile app development company, help retail mobile app solutions our clients and end-users find their favourite brands effortlessly. This redefines the mobile apps for high revenue in addition to updating the branding strategy.


At 7 Pillars, an IoT mobile app development company, our team provides innovative solutions that reduce wait times to be more responsive and proactive. Our solutions also enable you to obtain parking space issues and traffic-related information to help you overcome the traffic blues.


Our team at 7 Pillars, an IoT mobile app development company, has enabled medical professionals to give health solutions to our clients and end-users via mobile health apps. These mobile application services enable users to find clever answers to health-related problems at the tip of their fingers.


At 7 Pillars, an IoT mobile app development company in Australia has researched to understand the numerous opportunities that the latest IoT technology has opened for the commercial industries. Technology has changed the world of business by creating brilliant manufacturing prospects.
Well, our company believes in diversity and working on different platforms, thus our team can build apps for platforms like Android, iPhone, Windows and Linux. Our team of experts are capable of creating apps for any platform you could desire for.
Our company, 7 Pillars, an IoT mobile app development company, stands out from our competition with our years of expertise, the level of transparency and support provided by our team, client satisfaction and the ability to work on a budget.
Certain risks are associated with IoT mobile apps, including unauthorized access, data breaches, software compromise, physical security threats, lack of standardisation, and privacy concerns, but our company meticulously deals with these threats by implementing robust security measures, such as encryption, authentication, access control, intrusion detection, security testing, and regular software updates, to protect IoT ecosystems and safeguard user data and privacy.
Yes, at 7 Pillars, we believe that understanding the upcoming IoT technology might be difficult, so we provide comprehensive consulting services for the same. Our experts will work closely with your team to fulfil your needs.
Our company deals with the challenges of legacy device integration and backward compatibility in IoT mobile app development by taking an upward approach and incorporating proper solutions like compatibility assessment, legacy device emulation, firmware upgrades, and increment migration.
There is no time specified to build an app, it all depends on the app's specific requirement, but after the first consultation with our team at 7 Pillars you would get an estimated period required to build your app.
7 Pillars can customize apps to any extent our client demands while keeping the end user in mind and incorporating designs and functions that will keep the end users loyal to you.
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