Virtual Reality is one of the recently discovered technologies that has been creating waves in the market with its ability to change the world of gaming and shopping by providing personalized experiences. Our team of technocrats at 7 Pillars, a virtual reality app development company in Australia, understand the need for virtual reality apps for your business to enhance its identity and support your revenue goals. As a result, integrating VR and AR development enables your company to grow and equips itself with cutting-edge technology to fully capitalise on the innovation.

Delivering Forward-Thinking App Solution

Well, everyone is aware of the U-turn technology has taken to offer the best services and the experience to the end-users. Virtual Reality is one of the most innovative and impactful technologies in this league of the latest technologies that have made a massive impact in the world of technology.

The technology of Virtual Reality is something unique that offers end-users an escape from reality into the world of imagination by providing them a chance to explore their imaginations. This technology has made it easy for end-users by giving them a simple and convenient means to avoid using services and provide enjoyment in the most seamless way possible. AI is a trending hot topic in the market virtual reality (VR) facilitates several businesses to incorporate its brilliant capabilities into their mobile, tablet, and headset applications, providing the finest user experience possible with the aid of unparalleled animations.

How You Can Benefit From
Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality iOS apps have opened the door to a plethora of opportunities for several businesses, thus genuinely altering the productivity environment of these enterprises.

Better Learning Experience

At 7 Pillars, a virtual reality mobile app development company, our team believes that since the integration of VR technology, the learning experiences have become more intriguing and engaging by allowing students to go on virtual field trips and have different learning opportunities.

Enhances Business Efficiency

With changing times, the way to do business has changed for the better, and these days, business operations can be carried out in several ways, enabling companies to hold meetings and telecommunications with target audiences and clients smoothly.

Virtual Reality is one of the technologies that enhance business efficiency by facilitating various companies to practise cost-cutting methods and effective time management. 7 Pillars, a virtual reality mobile app development company, has incorporated this technology brilliantly while creating apps for our clients.

Improves User Engagement

At 7 Pillars, a virtual reality mobile app development company believes that this technology allows users to grab real-life-like experiences, thus enabling customers to fully immerse themselves in the virtual app experience, which boosts customer satisfaction and, consequently, customer loyalty.

Boosts Brand Loyalty

Our team at 7 Pillars, a virtual mobile app development company in Australia, believe that communication between marketers and their target audience has become significantly smoother since the invention of VR-enabled smartphone apps, giving them access to the best services available to satisfy customer needs.


The invention of Virtual Reality has allowed end-users to enjoy mobility to an extent that was impossible before the invention of VR, thanks to VR apps, which enable users to experience virtual tours across various geographic zones. 7 Pillars, a virtual reality mobile app development company, understands the revolution brought by VR into several industries, thus making it the perfect choice for you to create an app incorporating this technology.

Enhances Mode of Communication

Our team at 7 Pillars, one of the top virtual reality mobile app development companies in Australia, understands that now businesses can use real-time video to communicate directly with customers, which helps them communicate more effectively.
How do 7 Pillars help?

At 7 Pillars, a virtual reality mobile app development company, our team of devoted VR developers constantly stays up to date with the trends by regularly researching cutting-edge technology to provide brilliant virtual reality app development solutions to our clients. We assure that users can experience the digitally produced space through the technological environment that is a part of our app development process.

Our team at 7 Pillars, a virtual reality mobile app development in Australia, offer our VR development services to several industries, including real estate, education, the military, healthcare, and entertainment. Our expert Virtual reality app developers provide our clients with world-class service. Our developers don't just concentrate on supplying flawless app solutions; they also work to boost your company's income to satisfy your target market.

High Custom Services
End-to-End Customer Engagement
Robust and Unique App Development
Mesmerizing UI/UX Design
Flexible Customer-Oriented Model
Incredible Developer Team
Detailed Access to Analytics
At 7 Pillars, our commitment and dedication don't end with the launch of your app but extend with continuous support and maintenance services for four months free of charge, thus ensuring that the app stays with the ongoing trends and adapts adequately to the evolving business needs.
At 7 Pillars, we believe in maintaining transparency with our clients by involving them in every step of their app development by providing them regular updates and having regular feedback sessions to know if any of your requirements have changed.
At 7 Pillars, we are picky with our choices and will only give you the best that perfectly fits your needs, with that being said our team of seasoned virtual reality developers are handpicked with extensive expertise in creating diverse and innovative mobile applications. The team has more than seven years of experience, as it has been established since 2016.
At 7 Pillars, we take security as the topmost priority and ensure nothing about your idea or company gets leaked outside of the people you have opened up about the plans and idea by implementing the industry's best practices, encryption, and conducting thorough security audits.
Well, there's no surety about the time required to build a Virtual Reality app, as it entirely depends on your requirements and designs, but during the first consultation, our team of experts will provide you with an estimated period required to build your dream app.
Unfortunately, At 7 Pillars, we work with several clients, so it's almost impossible for us to sign specific NDAs crafted by a particular client thus we sign a standard NDA before the development of your Android app. The legal liability and cost aren't worth the hassle, but rest assured the NDA provided by us is fair to all parties.
The world of virtual mobile app development companies keeps evolving and some of the upcoming trends in virtual mobile app development include Spatial computing, edge computing, digital twins, and extended reality integration.
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