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The ever-evolving world of technology has made yet another brilliant discovery known as Wearable technology, which has brought futuristic-sounding features for the best health outcomes. The fitness industry has utilized the new technology to create apps that attract a larger audience, thus earning better brand revenue. Wearable technology has the potential to produce waves in the industry and become inventive shortly in assisting people greatly.

Smart Wearable Design & Development Company

Wearable technology has opened doors for app development companies, and 7 Pillars, a wearable mobile app development company in Australia, has enabled various companies and sectors to adapt to the newest trends and satisfy the constantly rising demands of their clientele.

At 7 Pillars, a top wearable mobile app development company in Australia, take pride in providing the best solutions available for the brand's app. As a company with futuristic views, we have established ourselves as futuristic technology partners, quickly adapting to consumer requests and developing innovative programmes for wearable Android and iOS smartphones.

Our team's tailored solutions for the trending devices assist your brand in streamlining its operations while increasing efficiency and elevating the user experience to the highest level possible.

How You Can Be Benefitted From Wearable

Technology Integration?

The technology surrounding Wearable technology has undergone a makeover and given other brands like Apple Watch, Google Glass, Android Wear and the HoloLens a chance to create something extraordinary and vastly used by people. Nevertheless, this tech trend isn't going to stop growing anytime soon and will continue to improve to become something much bigger and more impressive.

Well, thanks to the evolving landscape of wearable application development services, companies may now achieve optimal outcomes and will be able to support operations more broadly. 7 Pillars, a wearable mobile app development company, has perfectly incorporated the art of integrating wearable technology for our client's dream app.

Increases Productivity

There is no denying that the variety of features packed into this particular technology raises production by 15%.

Outstanding Readability

The trending technology has made numerous design advancements that, when combined with exceptional motion tolerance, can enhance scanning performance on damaged barcodes.

Increases Speed

In today's time, it has become common knowledge that every minute counts to execute a task efficiently and effectively. Sitting down to use a computer or smartphone adds needless time to one's production rate. However, wearables allow for fewer disruptions to the process, which speeds up, boosts productivity, and drastically cuts down on time.

Improves Task Accuracy

A tried-and-tested process indicates that a hands-free picking system significantly lowers errors, assisting any business in running error-proof operations with cutting-edge software technology. It enables the staff to concentrate on the current task, avoiding several daily obstacles.
How do 7 Pillars Helps?

Established in 2016 by a team of visionaries at 7 Pillars, a wearable mobile app development company, our team dedicates its enthusiasm and imagination to creating the best possible wearable user experience. Our technocrats at 7 Pillars believe in integrating client-focused, specifically tailored apps that function flawlessly on the newest gadgets in line with the latest trends.

Our team at 7 Pillars, one of the best wearable mobile app development companies in Australia, is talented enough to provide a wide range of services with a selection of creative apps, including lifestyle, travel, health, and fitness apps that create engaging, reliable, and user-friendly experiences. Our team is innovative and enthusiastic to serve our clients and build their dream app incorporating brilliant wearable technology.
At 7 Pillars, a wearable mobile app development company in Australia, our team has built several brilliant apps integrating wearable technology, and among some of the wearable app services we have created are those for the Apple Watch series, Samsung Gear series, and Google Wear devices.
At 7 Pillars, a top wearable mobile app development in Australia, our team has not only created proficient app solutions for businesses, but we also work with larger companies and brighter start-ups who are eager to employ cutting-edge technologies like React Development to create the most user-friendly apps imaginable.
At 7 Pillars, a wearable mobile app development company in Australia, our team of talented technocrats assists you in selecting the newest, most popular technologies to enable your company to operate flawlessly across several platforms, differentiate itself from the competition, and quickly produce the best product for our clients. In addition to designing and developing custom applications, we also implement them, tailoring them to your unique requirements and the latest Android and iOS platforms.
At 7 Pillars, a wearable mobile app development company in Australia, our team begins a brand-new, brilliant user-experience journey for your app once it goes live. Here, we have incorporated into the application every aspect that has the potential to increase its popularity among the intended audience. To ensure that the digital solution reaches every corner of the globe, we vigorously test and promote it. It guarantees that your company will rapidly grow within its industry.
Why Wearable Technology Is Growing Popularly?

Recently, wearable technology has gained traction, and the world of app development companies has started incorporating the technology into the app created by them for their clients.

The health development industry has gained the most advantage by the invention of wearable technology. These days, these gadgets are becoming increasingly popular as they've shown to be a brilliant productivity tool for monitoring health and consistently providing the necessary information.

The app development using wearable technology helps create new experiences for end-users and enhances the functioning of services to a new level. Businesses can capitalize on this trending app technology and leverage their extensive expertise to reach a wider audience.

Improves Task Accuracy Outstanding Readability
Increases Productivity Increases Speed
The apps built by 7 Pillars, a wearable mobile app development company in Australia, are designed to leverage a wide range of sensors and features available on wearable devices to provide enhanced functionality and user experience. Our company can easily incorporate barometers, accelerometers, touch screens, and gyroscopes.
Unfortunately, At 7 Pillars, we work with several clients, so it's almost impossible for us to sign specific NDAs crafted by a particular client, so we sign a standard NDA before your Android app development. The legal liability and cost aren't worth the hassle, but rest assured the NDA provided by us is fair to all parties.
Our team at 7 Pillars, a wearable mobile app development company in Australia, believes in creating an app for our clients that includes all the end customers, thus we strictly adhere to established accessibility guidelines such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines. Other things our team does to ensure accessibility are develop voice commands, customizable settings and compatibility with accessibility features.
Well, there's no surety about the time required to build a wearable app, as it entirely depends on your requirements and designs, but at the first consultation, our team of experts will provide you with an estimated period required to build your dream app.
At 7 Pillars, a wearable mobile app development company, we believe in maintaining transparency with our clients by involving them in every step of their app development by providing regular updates and having regular feedback sessions to know if any of your requirements have changed.
Our team at 7 Pillars, a wearable mobile app development company in Australia, always stay up to trends by continuously training and studying the ongoing trends. Our company organizes innovative challenges and hackathons to attract clients and end users while taking feedback from them and implementing them in the app.
At 7 Pillars, a wearable mobile app development company, our team of experienced wearable mobile app developers provide consultation by giving valuable insights, guidance, and expertise to help you conceptualize, plan, and develop your mobile app project.
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